What You Type Is What You Earn!

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Are you ready for a raise?  New studies show that GOOD WRITING SKILLS is paramount for getting that promotion or salary increase at work.  Research shows that good writers actually earn twice as much as the ones that lack in that area.  Think of all the emails and memos that pass through your company on any given day.  What a great opportunity to impress your boss or their higher-ups that may be monitoring.

One really doesn't have to have a lot of talent to be a good writer, all you have to do is:

1.  Wait 3 minutes.   People who spend a little more time deciding exactly what they want to write create much better memos and emails, in about a third of the time!  The extra effort allows you to organize your thoughts.

2.  Start with THE BOTTOM LINE.   Forget buffers and fluff, get right down to the subject at hand.  (EX:   "We've discovered three surprising ways to cut costs immediately.")   Your first impression is made in the first seven seconds of what the reader sees, good or bad.

3.  Write the way you talk.   The most effective writing today sounds like normal conversation.  We're all wired to be more receptive to messages that feel like a bona fide human connection.

4.  Make you last word count.   Drop the formula "sign offs" like "sincerely" for something much more personal and unique like "wishing you the best".  A positive ending stays with the reader and makes a more favorable difference in their response.

Sources:  Jane K. Cleland "Business Writing for Results", Jill Spiegel, corporate communications coach.

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